Get high levels of security, thermal insulation and weatherproofing with an XtremeDoor. We’re a door manufacturer specialising in high performance composite doors and we designed XtremeDoor with modern homeowner needs in mind

Extreme warmth

The Great British weather is no match for an XtremeDoor. A triple sealed outer frame and high insulating core leaves you worry free when it comes to the cold. And by keeping the heat in, an XtremeDoor can help reduce your heating costs.

Extreme security

Would be burglars have no chance if your home’s protected by an XtremeDoor! Your front door will hold steady against even the fiercest attacks and Secured by Design accreditation gives you extra peace of mind.

Extreme style

There are thousands of different combinations of XtremeDoor so you can be confident you’ll find the right one for you in our collection. There are a great selection of styles and extras to choose from to complete the look of your door.


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